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    Schumer: “Rove Clearly Involved..."


    by apfnorg

    After ABC News broke the story that new e-mails have surfaced that place Karl Rove at the center of the purge scandal, Senator Schumer addressed the media to discuss where the road goes from here.
    Now it's clear Karl Rove was involved. So statements from the White House press office and from others involved have proved to be false, false, false time after time after time."
    Senate Judiciary Republicans stalled a vote today on whether or not to issue subpoenas to White House officials (i.e. Karl Rove) while WH Counsel Fred Fielding tries to strike a deal that would keep Rove out of the hot seat. If the White House claims privilege and Rove defies subpoena, we could face a serious Constitutional showdown.
    Jack Cafferty became giddy today at the prospect of an under oath showdown between Senator Leahy and Karl Rove. My money's on Leahy.
    CAFFERTY: I want to see Patrick Leahy interview Karl Rove under oath in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. I don't care who wins. I don't care who comes out of it unscathed. I just want to watch it. It would be like watching Ali-Frazier IV. It would just be terrific theater.
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