Sad Lisa by cat stevens


par cirt_alin

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She hangs her head and cries in my shirt,
She must be hurt very badly,
Tell me what's making you sadly.
Open your door, don't hide in the dark,
You're lost in the dark,
You can trust me,
'Cause you know that's how it must be,
Lisa Lisa, sad Lisa Lisa

Her eyes like windows,
Tricklin'rai upon her pain,
Getting deeper,
Though my love xants to relieve her.
She walks alone from wall to wall,
Lost in a hall,
She can't hear me,
Though I know she likes to be near me,
Lisa Lisa, sad Lisa Lisa

She sits in a corner by the door.
There must be more I can tell her.
If she really wants me to help her,
I'll do what I can to show her the way,
And maybe one day I will free her,
'Though I know no one can see her,
Lisa Lisa, sad Lisa Lisa, Lisa Lisa, sad Lisa Lisa
Par StevenIl y a 7 ans
This song is supposed to be a slow song. Here it is sung like a rock song, with lots of violence. Sounds strange to me.
Par LEONNE67Il y a 8 ans
sad but beautiful song
Par cirt_alinIl y a 9 ans