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    Mar Y Sol (Sea And Sun) was a Woodstock-like music festival that took place in Manatí, Puerto Rico, on April 1–4, 1972. It was held on 420 acres (1.7 km2) of countryside by Los Tubos beach in Manatí on the north shore of the island.
    The idea of the festival started in early 1971 with different producers and performers. The original name was "Fiesta Del Sol" (Party of the Sun). Due to many difficulties, including attempts by the Puerto Rican government to prevent the festival[citation needed] from happening, it took place in April 1972.
    The organization ended up in the hands of promoter Alex Cooley (Atlanta International Pop Festivals, Music Midtown Festival), who decided that the festival should take place on April 1–3, 1972, coinciding with religious festivities. After promotional posters had been printed, news of the Puerto Rican government's determination to stop the festival led some bands to decide not to participate. Names of new artists were added to the performers' list during the last day before the festival began.
    Most of the newspapers and magazines that covered the festival condemned the festival of being unsuccessful and uncomfortable. These included Creem, The New York Times as well as local newspapers El Nuevo Día, El Imparcial, El Mundo and The San Juan Star. Several accidental deaths and a murder. But New York Times reporter Les Ledbetter printed a column on April 9 titled "It was a success – ask the people. An arrest warrant was issued for promoter Alex Cooley, who avoided arrest by leaving the island before the festival was over ...