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    Powerful leopardess teases baby monkey to "test her skills"


    by PressTV

    What we are about to see is really breathtaking, our setting is the bushes of South Africa. Balancing high up in the trees, we see a leopardess who has spotted its next meal.

    The prey is a baby monkey quite literally teetering on the end of a branch and mulling hastily over its next move. Reports say these two have been in a tense three-hour cat and mouse chase, but just as the beast gets ready to pounce, the young monkey makes a leap. In incredible scenes, the big cat follows the monkey, flying through the air, but the target finally flees. Onlookers say the female leopard caught its prey three times, but let it go to “test her skills”. Eventually, the monkey leapt from the top of the tree, to safety.