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    Rikishi confesses to running down Austin


    by Stinger1981

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    Zong Her
    rikishi has spoken the truth..but not just the islanders other non-whites like rocky johnson, tony atlas, bad news brown, koko b ware, faarooq, ahmed johnson, etc. he had a point "the great white hope". now john cena is the one.
    By Zong Her7 years ago
    This was such a well done segment. Reminded me of an ending to a "who dunnit" murder mystery movie. Classic.
    By jfutch17 years ago
    well put coolest very accurate
    By goldeneye2517 years ago
    this video is a classic!i mean look @ it, its the year 2000. and eventhough what rikishi did was wrong, he made a lot of sense. people of color being held back in the company. when the rock first came to the wwf he was in a group called "the nation" which was against white supremacy. now the rock is on top. and rikishi is telling about the past. i think people dont really get how historic this video actually is.i just think if u really understand u can appreciate this more. thanks 4 posting
    By coolest12007 years ago
    bryanero, Don't ever run your mouth bout JR. I'll make your face look like his.

    The best damn Announcer that there ever will be.
    By tank_dogg067 years ago
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