Paola Panicali - Love Unknown

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Canto spirituale inglese, dal testo di rara profondità e intensità affettiva. Titolo originale: MY SONG IS LOVE UNKNOWN, di John Nicholson Ireland (1879-1962).
Voce: Paola Panicali.
Chitarra: Marco Del Magno.
Reperibile su iTunes e nel CD RV 001 QUELL'IMPETO DI VITA.
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My song is love unknown,
my Saviour’s love to me.
Love to the loveless shown
that they might lovely be.
But who am I, that for my sake,
my Lord should take frail flesh and die.

He came from His blest Throne
salvation to bestow,
but men mad strange and none
the longed for Christ should know.
But o my friend, my friend indeed,
who at my need his life should spend.

Here might I stay and sing
no story so divine
never was love, dear King,
never was grief like thine.
This is my friend,
in whose sweet praise
I all my days should gladly spend. - Gospel Experience - (Re)Discover the Gospel greatest songs - Gospel Experience is the channel dedicated to offer you the best Gospel musi

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