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    sahabyyat women in islam

    Subhan Allah

    by Subhan Allah

    charity in Islam s not limited ro giving money to the poor as prophet mohamed said as it includes smiling to your brother, removing road blockades, feeding human or animal,guiding people to do good and avoid sins,good word that satisfied allah and even having sex with your wife as long as having sex in illegal relations s sin.allah says in hadith by prophet that the paradise s his mercy by which he mercifies whom he wants and the hell s his means of torturing , he said that when both paradie and hell disputed and the paradise said that it has the poor weak people while hell said it has the haughty. the bankrupt r those who come on judgement day with great accepted deeds but they call others names,hit others,robbed others,ill spoke about others so all those will take from his good deeds till he has zero good deeds and be thrown in hell.those who help in killing( even with half word ki-instead of kill-) without right will be desperate of allah mercy on judgement day .the worst sins r disbelieving,polytheism ,magic ,harming people,adultery specially with the wife of your neighbour. The muslim s the person who doesnot harm muslims and leave away sins as prophet said.he said also that nobody will enter paradise except by allah mercy even he himself and muslims willnot believe till they love each other and this will happen when they shake hands and allah distributes 100mercies on the hand shakers 90 of them 4 the beginner.the best words r subhan allah,no god but allh,thanks to allah,allah the greatest(akbar) and those who give one salutation 2 prophet one time ,allah will will give 2 them10 .and if they give him 100times a day,allah will give them 100of their needs70 of them after eath, those who say subhan allah and thanks to allah 100 times in the morning and evening,no one would have done greater than them this day .paradise surrounded by dislikes but hell surrounded by likes.non people thankers r non allah thankers.Hadiths