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    Passenger with stolen passport on missing Malaysian flight was Iranian

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    One of the stolen passport holders on the Malaysia Airlines flight which disappeared was Iranian, a senior police chief has said.

    “This one that we have identified its an Iranian, by the name of Pouria Nour Mohmammad Mahrdad. He’s 19 years old and is an Iranian, we believe that he is an iranian,” Inspector General Khalid Abu Baka told a press conference.

    He was believed to be trying to migrate to Germany and police say he was “unlikely” to be a terrorist.

    The identity of the other man is still being investigated.

    With few details about what happened to the Malaysia Airlines flight which disappeared without a trace on Saturday, there has been much speculation about two men on the flight who were travelling on stolen Austrian and Italian passports.

    The FBI says it believes four passengers on the missing jet may have used stolen passports.