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    Top 4 Tech Stories of the Day


    by Wochit

    Various reports have indicated that Google may be discontinuing the Nexus 7 tablet line this year , in favor of a new 8-inch Nexus 8 tablet that could be launched alongside Android 4.5 at some point this summer . While this device and its launch are far from being confirmed by Google, AndroidPit speculates that the summer launch may have something to do with Intel’s release plans for a new mobile processor, suggesting that Google and Intel may partner up for this particular Nexus device.
    The biggest game of this new console generation launches Tuesday, as Titanfall crashes down to earth for a rare spring blockbuster release. The game is available across PC and Microsoft's Microsoft's Xbox One, but is notable for where it is not , namely Sony's PS4. For Xbox One in particular, Titanfall represents a potentially huge draw for the system which so far, has lagged behind the PS4 in sales. It is a big moment for Microsoft, not to mention EA and Respawn as well.
    Yahoo on Monday appointed veteran security executive Alex Stamos as its chief of information security officer. The announcement brings to bear rumors that Stamos would be tapped for the position. Stamos had been the chief technology officer of the security firm Artemis. He succeeds Yahoo's former CISO Justin Somaini, taking a seat that had been vacant for more than a year. Stamos was also a key organizer of TrustyCon, a security industry conference held last month to billed as counter programming to the RSA's conference, for its supposed involvement with the NSA.
    Just over one month after its last iOS 7.1 beta was released, Apple’s has pushed the release version of its iOS 7.1 software out to the public. The new iOS 7.1 software features a number of major changes including new user interface elements, bug fixes and plenty more. It also addresses several big complaints iPhone and iPad users have had since iOS 7 was first released last September. iOS device owners can now download the iOS 7.1 update over the air or using iTunes.