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    hassane jidane
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    u a e
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    Swanky people who just live in a superficial way what a pitty what a shame but you cannot have the wealth the bold and the intelligence! with their money they could have stopped the palestinian problem a thousand times but unfortunately they forgot that god gave them oil and that they must give something in exchange to merit this blessing and what they show is just selfish behaviours and sometimes i'm just feeling that every one deserves what he has! they just love gold more than god and this hypocricism will follow their people till the end! every one has his destiny and i won't change mine just to have a sit in a car like this and lead a meanless life.
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    si les arabes là s'occupé plus de l'education et l'enseignement ils ne sauront pas depondant des occidentaux comme on le voit de nos jours..pffffffffff pathétik un voiture c un moyen de transport c pa la peine ke sa coute 1million d'euros comme la bugatti pffffff vraiment sa me degoute..

    some people starving some people buy 1b$ cars.. pfff sorry my friend but your video is more hurting than glorifing arabs.. hetha jahl ya a5i layssa bita9addom..
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    coolio - gangsta paradise
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