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    Step into krump, the dance craze that's shaking up Belgium

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    Krump is a urban dance craze that is sweeping Liege in Belgium. For Pierre Anganda it started three years ago when he helped create BBF 2.0, the first and only krump group in Liege.

    He explained the popularity of the dance, which originated in the United States: “There are challenges. In krump there is the hype, which is a way of encouraging people, it’s shouting ‘Yes, let’s go!’ People, when they see that, they say ‘But they’re crazy, what’s going on?’ Because they aren’t used to it, they haven’t seen it before.”

    Anganda said the dancer comes from everywhere: “We have people from Vietnam, Congo, Belgium, Mexico, everywhere. Being together is our strength, which has kept us going.”

    They don’t practice in a dance studio, but go to the railway station instead.

    Dancer Pierre Anganda explained: “There are so many emotions. When I’m doing krump I feel happy as well as sad, real. Krump is life. When you dance, you feel things. Of course, it looks like an aggressive dance, but it can al