NINTENDO Wii U VS. ATARI JAGUAR!? What's better?

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Nintendo WiiU vs. Atari Jaguar!!! Let us know in the Wind Squid Pub! Iron Soldier review for Atari Jaguar is here! Game Room reviews IRON SOLDIER for Atari Jaguar, a Mechwarrior inspired first person shooter with giant robots and chainsaws. CGR asks what is better, the Wii U or the Atari Jaguar?


i think the jag and the wii u are very similar, both strong consoles, but very unfairly represented by the press about how powerful they are, both had a very hard time delivering games that show cased how powerful they are. main difference is the Atari was more or less bankrupt before they launched where Nintendo was very solvent. Nintendo is after 2 years is just starting to show what the wii u its capable of, where as the atari was being taken over by jts, the late jag games did show it could compete with the saturn if not the playstation and a very powerful console, ie phaze zero white, heat black noise, that id had place quake as future jag title and the virtual reality helmets shown at trade shows but never put into full scale production
By cant1rac June
Wii U of coarse!
By Sport Ranger June