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    The plight of the people in north Uganda


    by PressTV


    After two decades of devastating violence and billions of dollars in foreign assistance, much has remained largely unchanged in northern Uganda.

    The region continues to face many significant challenges including poverty, corruption, patronage politics, a lost generation of youths, absence of basic infrastructure and an under-developed education system.

    Violence has left millions of people in Uganda homeless. Government aid packages to the refugees have rarely been received by the displaced people. The survival of these people depends upon political patronage, or else the refugees would be gone very soon.

    Over two billion dollars in foreign aid have been misappropriated by government officials with only one individual prosecuted and sentenced to a five-year jail term, leaving the top brass at large.

    This program deals with the struggles of the men and women who are dislocated from their communities and homes due to the violence in northern Uganda, and tries to figure out why the generous donations have failed to improve the standards of living in the country.