Science and research festival in Tehran


by PressTV


Talented Iranian youths have come together for the Third National Festival and Competition of Science and Research projects called Salam Cup in Tehran.

The festival has two main sections, namely scientific achievements and research competitions, which is all about knowledge, determination and passion.

In the second episode, Benita Rahimi visits Meygoon Ice-Climbing School near the Iranian capital of Tehran, where kids of all ages, boys and girls, go to learn the rules and techniques of ice-climbing.

Every day, many tourists from Tehran and other cities visit the Water and Fire Park, a great place to spend the day with one’s family. The park has various recreational facilities such as silk bridges, a light house, cubby holes, stunning small lakes, alcove and many more. The most amazing thing about this park are the four fire towers that make a flaming fire as high as 6 to 8 meters, and throw the water that comes out of it with music. Reza Nayebi will show you around.

The last episode introduces Gando, an Iranian crocodile with a short snout. Gando is an indigenous reptile living in grass and bushed areas of Chabahar. In this region, hills are inactive mud volcanoes spewing cold gray mud that can only be found in three other places in the world. This amazing phenomenon attracts many tourists to Chabahar.