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    Volkswagen Planning All New Phaeton Sedan !

    Indian Drives

    by Indian Drives

    Development Chief at Volkswagen, Heinz Jakob, has confirmed that the Volkswagen Phaeton will be replaced by an all-new sedan, which will be expected to top its segment. He said the next Phaeton has to be best-in class, very smooth and luxurious to drive.
    In spite of never selling in great numbers, Jakob said a replacement for the Phaeton was important as it acted as a technology flagship for the brand and allowed advanced systems to be put into production.
    Volkswagen is committed to designing and engineering pure EV technology and Jakob expects current battery technology to improve to allow around 50% more range than at present by 2016.
    Well, by 2020, the next generation battery technology will allow for a range, which is 3 times further than is achievable today, at which point the technology would have more mass market appeal.
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