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    Nick Struan

    by Nick Struan

    When your child is born, they need special nutrition and protection. If you do not breastfeed or if you don't have enough breast milk, infant milk powder brands can help you to provide the best quality nutrition, to support the development of the immune system.

    As the baby's brain and body grows and develops it's important to provide an excellent source of nutrients. Our milk powder is produced from the milk from free range cattle roaming the lucious green fields of the mountainous high country in Australia. With abundant of natural green grass, its famous for being nutrient rich providing a high quality fresh milkpowder.

    The Australian Infant milk brands are all highest quality and certified by stringent Australian regulations. We have confidence in our products, also we firmly believe that the quality level is far above other countries requirements . Due to the focus on the Chinese milk powder market, we are confident that our products will meet the needs of our customers in China. Want to know more please visit our website at: