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    Put Your Phone on Your Tripod: The Velocity Clip


    by jlukasavige

    Since everyone uses their phone for everything these days, it’s only appropriate that Velocity Clip would embrace the trend and build the Velocity Clip. This is a sweet product, especially if you’re like us and often find yourself using your phone for quick videos. Even though we have a nice camera, sometimes it’s just easier to use the phone. Now, we no longer have to hand hold with our phone and get an extra stable shot.

    The Velocity Clip tightens down on your phone, it fits any smart phone on the market, and secures it so not to fall out during movement (they claim they’ve tested it jumping out of an airplane at 150 mph). What’s different about this product from the others out there you may wonder? Well, do you have a Go Pro? If not, that’s okay. But if you do… You can use this with any of your Go Pro mounts. On one end of the mount there is the traditional tripod mount and on the other a Go Pro clip.

    This video mount is tough, versatile, and can be used by amateurs or pros. It’s something that you can put in your camera bag and use with your phone or your Go Pro. In reality, you can use it with anything that will fit in it (like a GPS). These mounts are on sale now here for $40.00 which is a bit more reasonable than the original listed price ($70.00).


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