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    I Need to Speak About This in French


    by DamnViolence


    This woman got abused and she gets questioned. Questions are like:
    "were there any witnesses?", "describe exactly what the person did to you",
    "did you know the person?", "where are you hurt?",
    "where were you", "did you try to call for help?",
    "did he seem under the influence of alcohol or drugs?", "are you available to testify against him?",
    "what did he do, what did he say?", "where does it hurt?",
    "is this the first time?", "how did you both meet?",
    "what were you wearing?", "tell me what happened from the beginning".

    I need to speak about this in french.

    Alliance des femmes de la francophonie canadienne.

    Spread the word, help stop violence: