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    Stardust Hotel Casino Implosion

    Gene Balmain

    by Gene Balmain

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    Gene Balmain
    Well.. You're sort of "Right" but I think mostly wrong. (Your thinking more about the movie Casino than the actual Stardust)

    The Stardust was actually one of the first hotels I visited as a child. Eating in their coffee shop around the age of 7. The large paintings on the walls scared / haunted me. I think they might have been Dali. (at some point we might have photos of the interior old properties.

    You can blow up / tear down the great ones.. never replace! - GENE
    By Gene Balmain4 years ago
    aurélien kmieckowiak
    quelle gachi d'avoir detruit ce casino, pour moi cete le plus beau des ancien casino de las vegas.
    j'aurais tellement le voir en vrai avant qu'il explose, avec sa tour noir et rouge...... :(
    By aurélien kmieckowiak4 years ago
    sa rappel 2 tour lol
    By neron686 years ago