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    Highlights of the Week 8.3.2014 | Euromaxx

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    In this edition. Wolfgang Joop in Paris, sound design for cars, a cloud artist, the wholeworldband app and a day on the canals of Venice. Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde. We report on a man who creates clouds indoors. He then takes photos of them. Life in Venice: The Italian city of Venice is one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. For most visitors a gondola ride is an integral part of the experience. But what's it like to work as a gondolier among all the holiday-makers? Join us for a day on the canals of Venice.The Sound of CarsWe take a look at the world of sound designers in the automobile industry.The Wholeworldband app.This app enables musicians to get together to record new tracks using just an Ipad and a microphone. Wolfgang Joop at Paris Fashion WeekWolfgang Joop turns 70 this November but he is still as active in the world of fashion as ever.