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    Best age is that of the prophet (his Qarn) then next Age-Hadith

    Subhan Allah

    by Subhan Allah

    Religion is easy & Extremists will perish so moderation is the best & one should make use of the early morning ,the evening & a little bit of the night. As the Prophet (PUH) recommended. By the Way for those who want to rise any time at night to pray, he should read the final 4 verses of Chapter cave before sleep & he will be awake at the time he wants to wake up at night as in Hadith, I tried it for Fajr Prayer & it works well !The Supplication u do on waking up at night -after saying : Subhan Allah,Thanks to Allah,No god but Allah alone without a partner, all the ownership & thanks for him & he is able to do anything, Allah Akbar-is responded . Believer Honor is Night praying doing without people & Allah gets down to the lowest sky every Night asking if there was a repentent & someone in need to respond to him . Allah also stretches his hand on Day so that night mistaken repents & vise versa at Night.The Prophet (PUH) used to pray at night till his feet crackled. HADITHS