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    The Prophet Friends-2

    Subhan Allah

    by Subhan Allah

    Hadiths have miracles like : the cupping cure as cure is in 2 :fire & cupping but the prophet banned using fire as only Allah torture by fire,importance of black pea in all diseases but death,cocombre for the thin , the fact that arab peninsula was greenland & it will be so cold , the fact that sun will rise from the west when repentence will be unaccepted ,importance of sheep tail,fly wings that one has microbes while the other has the remedy so it is to be dipped in food if it fell in it.The importance of camel milk & urine for liver diseases.
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    To reject hadith means to pray any fabricated prayer as the prophet said in Hadith to pray like what we saw him , it means also to reject the rememberances of the wind,entering home or WC or mosque,marriage,wearing clothes,driving ,sadness,congratulating ,after prayers,before & after ablusion,while walking to mosque & how to pay Fitr charity . in fact rejecting Hadith means having a so easy life following one wishes!!! , we also know not how to treat friends & kids .the prophet ordered in his farewell pilgrimage to follow Quran ,hadith & sahabs ways so neglicting hadith means neglicting prophet habits ,sayings & rememberance, All the prophet stories,habits,dealings with his wives & friends were stated in hadith .