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    Ruined oyster farmer slowly restarts business


    by PressTV

    Like thousands of fishermen along the Pacific coastline of Northern Japan, oyster farmer Hiromitsu Ito lost his home, his fishing boats, and his farm of oysters to the tsunami of 2011. Northern Japan is still struggling with the challenges of those days but Hiromitsu has refused to give up, spending the last three years rebuilding his oyster farm.

    With much of the distribution routes and fish markets still to be rebuilt, many fisheries are struggling to survive. Not much remains after the tsunami. Hiromitsu and a handful of business partners in the fishing industry have formed their own company, and started selling straight to customers. The money raised meant some local fishermen could rebuild - and for Hiromitsu, an opportunity to expand his direct sales - a rarity in an industry which usually relies on a tradition of customs and rules.