Big Pun - Still Not A Playa

Club Love

by Club Love

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Rich Mundo
Oh Yeah thats the defense, So Bill Belachek that u Cheating Heathen Suckers, Im Sucker Free, Cause We Say the G, Oh My Father on my cell phone, Yall in trouble, Im Home WIth Holmes, Not ALone, and he dont speak spanish or eat tacos, So tell Muchos Jesus I want My name Back in the Name of The Prince of All Kings, and when he want the throne....
By Rich Mundo7 years ago
Rich Mundo
GGG-Unit, 50 Tagteam, U get in and Finish Them...
By Rich Mundo7 years ago
Rich Mundo
I know big pun aint a playa, because Im the Oceanaire, Now everybody who cried and was shocked when he died, need to be slap the fuck out off, This Punta was 1,000 lbs overweight, yall thought he was gone keep eatin, tell Fat Joe He on his way, keep subliminal dissing, getting loud at me, While u missing in ya childs life, like a balanced diet w/o my guidance, I counsel u, call the commission, I heard u got a crack house in New York, Bring it to me again, slamming my doors and throwing Remote Controls Im gone treat u Worse Than Steven who tried to Gain, i got things worse than choppers, Look at my teeth, S o u know my K9s meant to kill and My Gators aint on Chill or my feet or a Leash, WORLD DOMINATION, BACK TO BACK, WHY DID TEBOW NOT WIN THE HEISMAN? THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH.........
By Rich Mundo7 years ago
hopola, v'là tata
By CG7 years ago
c bon ça sisiiiiiiiiiiii
By djo8 years ago
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