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    Man Dies in Yard After Bee Stings

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    A man in Valley Center, California recently passed away after getting stung by bees.

    A man in Valley Center, California recently passed away after being stung by bees.

    "He hasn't been allergic his whole life. "
    "Jamie Umbland was with his father, 67-year-old Bruce Umbland when he was stung by 3 bees just before two this afternoon. His father had
    been burning a pile of brush that's been on the property for years."

    Police authorities along with staffers from the Valley Center Fire Department were dispatched to Umland’s home. They quickly attended to him but he was in distress.

    Despite medics’ frantic efforts to save his life, Umland was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

    According to the local police sergeant, Umland had been legally burning on his property and piled brush into the fire.
    Law enforcement authorities suspect the smoke might have disrupted a beehive in the vicinity.

    The victim’s son Jamey Umland said his father was stung atleast three times but seemed to be medically fine right after. He continued working in the yard for a little while before he fell to the ground.

    Umland had no known allergy to bees, however deputies did say he had an ‘existing medical condition.’ The San Diego County Medical Examiner’s office is working on determining Umland’s exact cause of death.