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    Russia protecting citizens in Crimea


    by ulaghchi


    Host Kate Zickel talks with Dmitry Babich, who says that Russia's stated interests are to protect the region. He hopes economic sanctions will not play a role in discussions with the West.

    Russia's foreign ministry said Monday that warnings by United States Secretary of State John Kerry over Russian military intervention in Ukraine were "unacceptable" threats. "We consider the threats against Russia made in a series of public statements by US Secretary of State John Kerry over the latest events in Ukraine and in Crimea to be unacceptable," the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement on its website. Moscow stated Kerry had not bothered to understand the complex processes taking place in Ukrainian society. Kerry, who is set to visit Kiev on Tuesday to meet the new leadership, warned Russia on Sunday that it risked exclusion from the Group of Eight nations and faced possible sanctions for sending troops into Ukraine's southern Crimea region.