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    ^^ hoho Merci pour la video;)
    Por annkfraensiHace 6 años
    Super video Merci!;)) . j'ai trouvé un site pour voir des femmes en directe devant leurs Webcam : , même pas besoin de s'enregistrer! .
    Por MarieHace 6 años
    U.I.Y.E.  Sirio Serafín Samael Aun Weor
    Thanks for Leasen, thaks For Your Music Christophe...well for moments the people don´t understand some things diferent ways, because, in the world and thank you for you Word Christophe ,the electricity and other tecnologies is possible give for all the people around the world free, absolutly but, ther don´t think with the filosophy of Daylimotion, only think in the money, some people do not understand simple truths this for example in the bible, that nobody puts a light to put it below the table, but to illuminate to the others, thus in the small thing or the great thing, since the tower eifeld did not become for anybody saw it…
    at the outset to my friend it did not like to record, already later said that if but that there was to do it well, right like your works, good, not always is possible so there is to cause that our light shines in the measurement of our possibilities...
    one word ... great ...
    one sentence : i loved it ...
    thanks for sharing ...
    Por defeliceHace 8 años
    U.I.Y.E.  Sirio Serafín Samael Aun Weor
    ese es mi e mail pero preferiría que lo que quisiera decirme fuera publico
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