Beyonce ft Shakira - Beautiful Liar


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i just wanna thank yall for showing me this video
Por Dwallace No ano passado
wow shakira is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Por Dwallace No ano passado
Thanks for this video! .... ..i feel lonely though.. ;))
Por Namithasel Há 4 anos
great :)
Por samell82 Há 6 anos
Comparing me to a mortal man, is like comparing Beyonce to Shakira, One is real, ONe is fake, you start the debate. Okay, these people are hypocrites, They Praise Van Helsing for killing Dracul, but aint he a killa too? Damn, yall see the cycle, brains don't win all the time, a little muscle. Shakira helps the kids without adopting them, why is Angelie Jolie adopting all these kids, SHOWBIZ, ask brad pitt. Tom Cruise in bankhead, well partna I rep Buckhead, Str8 chaos, like the club, pull up in somethin that make ya ferrari like like a Mini COoper, Yeah I saw it on the computer but I drove the BMW, 1 Beautiful man 1 beautiful woman, what we need we children, Okay back to the streets, naaaw back to the trees, mountain habitat, yall kit kat commercials, but aint no breaks, or splits, just living and dealing with what you repented, disrespected who, a nice lady, but neva again. Siempre amor mi madre.
Por Rich Mundo Há 7 anos
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