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    Troy TAYLOR SR

    by Troy TAYLOR SR

    Power players Magazine interviews the Hottest R & B singer out of the Screwed up Click. Mr Billy Cook Superstar... Get his new album BILLY COOK "THE TRUTH"
    We gave it the Power Thumbs up cause He is all the way live. With songs like " One Room Vacancy" and ""Luv it Man" featuring the late great Legendary Fat Pat of the S.U.C. and Mr 3-2 formely of Rap A Lot he continues to blow away the competition. Billy is the kind of guy who works hard and works on being a topnotch success day in and day out. "ROLL WITH A STAR is a personal favorite with and the touch, it really soothes and pulsates your speakers. And just when you thought it was over MISSING U featuring Raw LT goes to the next level. If you new to Billy then you want be new to him very long. He is the complete package.

    Editor and Cheif