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    Dog Goes for 12 Mile Ride Wedged Up Against Car Engine

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    A three-month-old Jack Russel named Betty Boop in Salford, UK traveled in the engine of a vehicle for roughly 12 miles. The unhurt, but shaken up puppy was wedged up against the motor.

    Most dogs enjoy going for a ride in the car. However that wasn't the case for a three-month-old Jack Russell named Betty Boop in Salford, UK.

    The little pup went on a roughly 12 mile ride while stuck in a car’s engine. The car belonged to a neighbor of Betty’s.

    At times during the journey, the auto reached speeds up to 50 miles per hour. It was only when the neighbor was returning home that yelping was heard coming from the front of the car. He stopped and opened up the hood.

    The unhurt, but shaken up puppy was wedged up against the motor. Betty's owner Gary Rose said ‘We think she spent the journey on the gearbox. She is so lucky to still be alive. If she had put her head a bit further in, she would have got caught by the fan, or the fan belt, the camshaft.’

    Rose described Betty as ‘inquisitive and mischievous’ making it not-too-surprising she ended up underneath the hood. Rose also expressed the importance of closing gates so dogs can’t wander out of the yard and get into danger, just like his pooch did.