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    Rick Rude on Nitro same night as Raw 1/2


    by Mark

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    dave ross
    It was kinda ironic that around this time everyone was singing the praises of wcw (and rightly so for the time being) and predicting the downfall of the wwf.

    History shows that the wwf had this was the time the wwf rose up and made a stand. Even the most anti wwf man must admit that by this point (late 97) the wwf had the better product even if the ratings didnt reflect that.

    Oh, and dont even get me started on Starrcade!!!
    By dave ross7 years ago
    dave ross
    wwe? This was WCW and with hindsight, right before the downfall. Although you would never have guessed it at the time.

    BTW nwo stands for new world order
    By dave ross7 years ago
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    By Steffisburg68 years ago
    One of the top 100 moments in WWE History
    By longliveeddie8 years ago
    It stand for New World Order
    By Andre9 years ago
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