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    Jobs To Consider: Lego Builder


    by askmen

    We're not making this up - there really is a position out there for your inner child to live out his all-time fantasy as a professional Lego Builder. There may not be a large number of spots available, but the Danish toy brand actually hires a small (secret) number of "master model builders" to play with and design new products. Land this position and you'll be like Tom Hanks in Big, but without Elizabeth Perkins in your bottom bunk...or the massive Manhattan loft to come home to. Still, you get to do for a living what most people can only when their wives aren't home, and with such "inside access," you'll be the coolest uncle in your entire family. There might even be some travel involved, as Legoland Discovery Centers recruit from various countries across the globe. You may never get laid again, but you'll be BUILDING WITH LEGOS FOR MONEY!!! It might not get better than this.