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    Taiwanese man sues female firefighter after she turns down his marriage proposal

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    A female firefighter surnamed Tong from Taichung found herself at the center of a media frenzy again after turning down a marriage proposal from a high school teacher surnamed Hsieh.

    Two years ago, Tong captured tabloid headlines as she was charged with offenses against marriage and family after dating her college classmate's husband. Hsieh, who suffers from depression, pitied Tong and decided to pursue her.

    Hsieh repeatedly sent Tong flowers and wrote her love letters. During a date, Tong said that she wanted a BMW, and Hsieh decided to give his BMW to Tong as a gift.

    Two days later, Hsieh brought along a slip that proved that he had withdrawn USD26,000 to help Tong and proposed to her. But he was rejected. He then sued Tong for drugging his coffee and made him agree to transfer the ownership of his BMW under the effect of the drug. Tong also took away an expensive watch and a diamond ring in the car.

    Hsieh sent a text message telling Tong that it felt great to see her suffer. After investigation, prosecutors found that Hsieh signed all required documents, so the BMW now belongs to Tong. All charges against her were dropped. Instead, Hsieh is now charged with intimidation, false report and libel. Hsieh angrily told reporters that the ruling was unjust. As for Tong, she just wanted to live a life without drama.


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