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    Don't try this at home: Man scissors ex-girlfriend on the street

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    Last December, a 42-year-old Taiwanese man surnamed Lai (賴) was mad after his girlfriend broke up with him and attempted to scissor her into getting back with him.

    After his girlfriend, surnamed Wang (王), called for the breakup, Lai immediately drove to her place to confront her. Wang then ran away from him but he got furious and chased her, pushing her to the ground injuring her finger.

    After that, the freaked-out and heartbroken man used a scissors grip on her using his arms to tightly lock around her chest. However, Wang, woman of steel, would not submit and hung in there for approximately half an hour.

    Wang asked a passer by to call the police. People nearby started to call Lai naive and childish, but he didn't seem at all embarrassed by his idiotic behavior.

    Finally the police arrived and separated the two as Lai continued yelling and trying to get Wang back.

    Wang said Lai apparently has some mental problems, while Lai claimed Wang took a lot of money from him and that made him mad.

    After failing to win by submission and get Wang's heart back, Lai now faces 15 days in custody for assault.


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