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    Chinese airplane fight video: Couple gets destroyed by Yao Ming

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    Why is it that Chinese people have no idea how to act properly on airplanes? Video footage taken by a passenger on a Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to Beijing shows a little Chinese boyfriend and girlfriend getting completely manhandled by some tall Yao Ming looking guy.

    The video starts off with the girlfriend getting out of her seat and turning around because she has some words for the tall guy seated a few rows behind. She rushes him and throws a few weak slaps while she freaks out. Then her courageous, but dwarf-like in stature, boyfriend then gets out of his seat with his laptop computer. He is careful to keep his girlfriend between him and the taller Chinese guy. The boyfriend tries to hit the taller man with his laptop unsuccessfully.

    This gets the Yao look-a-like pretty angry and he rushes the couple. The poor man's Yao then pushes the girlfriend out of the way and then lands three of the weakest punches on the planet on the boyfriend who has already fallen to the ground.

    Other passengers step in between the couple and the taller man, letting the boyfriend know that he's safe, so he really starts talking trash. Knowing that he's clearly no match for the taller guy, the boyfriend keeps looking around for things to throw in Yao's direction. The boyfriend is able to get some paper hurled over, but surprisingly Yao is unfazed.

    In the end the paramedics had to help the boyfriend off the plane. Guess throwing a temper tantrum and being totally useless tired him all out.


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