Girls rob a store then assault of a 77-year-old man on Gold Coast bus (caught on camera)



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Two young women were caught on camera attacking a 77-year-old man on a Gold Coast bus in Queensland, Australia. The event happened Tuesday afternoon in Kirra and was recorded by a 13 year old passenger who pleaded with others to intervene.

The man, Paul Buttigieg asked the girls, "Would you mind stop swearing?" Then Lana Janet Watmough, 21, and Layni Cameron, 17, began kicking and punching Buttigieg's, eventually breaking his glasses in the assault. They made racial comments as well, "Oh bro, we're in Abo land," although Buttigieg does not identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

They were finally forced off the bus by another passenger. Buttigieg sustained bruised and is pressing charges with Coolangatta police. Watmough and Cameron turned themselves into the police after the video went viral. They are charged with assault and public nuisance and face up to seven years in jail.

Lana Cameron also confessed to robbing a convenience store last Thursday after it was captured on CCTV. She threatened the employee with a knife and made off with $400 before spending the money on a luxury hotel.

Watmough was granted bail while Cameron remains in custody.


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