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    Man dressed like Barbie assaults woman in San Diego bathroom

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    A San Diego man has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in the restroom of a Big Lots store while dressed like a Barbie doll, police said on Monday.

    Police say Gregory Schwartz, 40, stole what has been alternatively described as a pink tutu or a pink princess top from the store and was seen on the store's surveillance camera wearing the garment and entering the women's restroom.

    When a woman entered a stall, Schwartz crawled inside from beneath the door and tried to sexually assault her. The woman fought Schwartz off and fled.

    Schwartz then exited the restroom and was confronted by a security guard. He brandished what appeared to be a screw driver and fled the store.

    Schwartz was arrested on Sunday afternoon near Clairemont Mesa Boulevard and Diane Avene. Investigators said he was living in his car and likely high on drugs during the incident at the Big Lot store.

    Police used the Big Lot's surveillance footage to identify Schwartz as a suspect.

    "It constantly amazes me — even people that are involved in identity theft, shoplifting — how they think they're going to go unobserved considering the amount of surveillance cameras there are out there in the commercial establishments," San Diego Police Lieutenant Chuck Kaye told NBC San Diego.


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