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    Syrian Red Crescent sends more aid to Moadamia


    by PressTV

    Another patch of aid has arrived into the troubled city of Moadamia -a former stronghold of insurgents who turned in their heavy weapons to the Syrian army recently as part of an agreement to end fighting in this western suburb of Damascus.
    The deal recently tested when a Syrian soldier was kidnapped from the city's outskirt and killed later on. However, the new aid convoy is a message that the truce is still holding on. The deal allowed the militants to hold on to light weapons and remain inside some parts of the city while the army fortified checkpoints and posts around it. Many residents say the ceasefire didn't end their sufferings as food items remain scarce and the distribution isn't always fair. Reports that not all aid coming in is being distributed make many people skeptical about the future of this fragile agreement as they think insurgents are storing food for an upcoming battle. Moadamia is a scenario that many want to see across the country where fighting ends with a political agreement but many wonder is Moadamia a success story or a case of misjudgment, only upcoming days will show.