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    Proactol Coupon Code 2014


    by superslimmer

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    Ernie Alexandra
    @LassyKumar you take one after a normal meal, 2 after a big meal and 3 after a gigantic meal lol. I usually take two a day, after lunch and dinner and more if the meal is big. My breakfast is small anyway so I don't take one then.
    By Ernie Alexandra2 years ago
    Lassy Kumar
    Very affordable prices, but how many pills do you need to take usually?
    By Lassy Kumar2 years ago
    Mary Mabruk
    You can eat a lot and not worry about the calories, it makes you feel good. You feel even better when getting it from slimmingcodes.
    By Mary Mabruk2 years ago
    Mary Mabruk
    It has the awesome feel-good factor even after eating junk food.
    By Mary Mabruk2 years ago
    Ridd de Villers
    @Mary mabuk, that is because when it converts the fat into the sludge, it makes you feel full and eat less, which makes you want less food. The sludge does not get absorbed and you don't gain calories so you feel like you are dieting which makes you feel good :D It is a super calorie buster at discounted prices!
    By Ridd de Villers2 years ago
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