'300' sequel 'Rise of an Empire' flexes its muscles

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Hollywood’s fascination with Greek warfare continues with the 3-D ‘300’ sequel ’300: Rise of an Empire’.

It is set eight years after the death of King Leonidas and this time features a kick-ass warrior queen, played by Eva Green from ‘Casino Royale’.

The 33-year-old French actress plays Artemisia, a Persian ruler who fights the Greeks on the Aegean Sea. Director Zack Snyder delivers a heavily stylised take on the 480 BC battle.

“It’s my first action film and the fact that she’s so gutsy and brave and fearless, I loved it. You know it’s kind of a fantasy because, of course, in real life you’d wouldn’t be able to cut off heads or fight double swords. So it’s kind of… you know, I feel like a little girl dreaming,” said Green.

In 2006’s ‘300’ Leonidas dies but stops the Persians. But, with his army rebuilt, Xerxes marches on the Greek city-states. Democratic Athens, first on Xerxes’ path, bases its strength on its fleet, led by Admiral Themistocles. He is forced into an unwilling al