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    In just 120 seconds, the new Renault Trucks brand film offers the ideal introduction to the brand's identity, and perfectly captures the very essence of what the Renault Trucks' brand stands for.
    "The purpose of this film is to explain who we are, what we promise and what we deliver," says Anne-Cécile Benita, Brand Management, Renault Trucks. "It is perfect for any customer event as well as for opening any internal presentation."

    The film shows the iconic trucks of the brand history and highlights its rich heritage and experience in the truck industry, as well its constant reinvention and journey to becoming the internationally recognised brand it is today.
    It captures the full production process behind the development of a truck, from cast iron being molded into parts all the way to the finished product being driven off the plant floor. It also includes footage from the design studios and quality testing, so that viewers can fully appreciate the work that goes into building a state-of-the-art truck.
    And finally, the film covers Renault Trucks' extensive aftermarket services and network, to reinforce the message that Renault Trucks is fully committed to their customers for the lifespan of its trucks.

    "Our brand promise is that we are always there for our customers, listening, observing, analysing their needs so that we are always delivering the best solution for their job and continuing to offer all the support to ensure their trucks stay on the road," adds Anne-Cécile. "Our history, production facilities, expertise, and service networks, are all vital components of the Renault Trucks brand identity and promise. In making this film, we have produced a lot of new real footage, nothing is fake or 3D, so that we can show our customers exactly how we deliver on our brand promise."

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