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    Press TV Interacts with Viewers


    by PressTV

    Press TV’s new program Interaction will review the most recent Press TV news, programs and messages received on Press TV’s Website as well as various social networks.

    Interaction is going to give an active voice to Press TV’s audience from around the globe expressing their views on Press TV’s pages in different social networks.

    This episode of the show touches upon issues including reports on the presence of a former Israeli military officer among opposition leaders in Ukraine; a new low in the approval rating of US President Barack Obama; and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s assertion that Iran’s red lines will not be crossed in nuclear negotiations with the P5+1 group.

    The program also points to the softer side of the news: President Obama announcing that the United States government is developing Iron Man is among those items covered in this episode of the Interaction.

    Viewers’ comments and ideas reflected on Press TV Website and its social media pages on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Live Leak are also reviewed in the show.