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    KH Abridged Series Episode One


    by WolfUrameshi

    10 701 views
    Here's my attempt at an Abridged Series: Kingdom Hearts. It's also my very first one, plus I KNOW it has mistakes, so any tips and advice appreciated. ^_^; Constructive critique only, please. For now, due to dial-up reasons ( -_- ) I have uploaded a low quality version, but it's tolerable enough. I'll upload a higher quality version of it when I can.

    Imagine Kingdom Hearts plastered into about 4-5 minutes; that's basically what this is. There's also some obvious Easter eggs: Try to find them! Thanks for watching! Also, for the love of God, if you don't like my video and only have flaming things to say then don't either post nor rate- otherwise I will be forced to block and report you. You don't want that, do you? >:(

    Kingdom Hearts © Tetsuya Nomura/Square Enix-copyright infringement not meant in any way. This video was created for comedy purposes only. Rated PG-13 and up. All voices done by me. This is also kinda a homage to littleKuriboh and MasakoX for being so awesome.