Man Hangs KKK Flag, Displays 'Members Wanted' Sign

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A man in Palm Beach County has effectively terrified his neighbors. The male hangs up a KKK flag along with a sign that reads ‘Members Wanted’ which implies he's recruiting for the Ku Klux Klan.

A man in Palm Beach County is making his neighbors nervous. The man, identified as Mr. Hayes, hangs up a KKK flag along with a sign that reads ‘Members Wanted’.

"Every night around dusk, this West Boca Raton man lowers the flag in his front yard. Tonight, he had an audience." [WPTV]
"They never said anything to my face and they are entitled to their free speech as well as I am." [WPTV]

The display also showcases a noose. He brazenly set up the exhibit in the front yard of his trailer home.

When asked what he was conveying to the community, the man replied that he wasn’t trying to get anything across.

Instead he said he was exhibiting his right to free speech.

"I am not sending any message. The same thing when a Puerto Rican flies his flag. He's proud of his heritage and I am proud of mine." [WFOR]

As for the 'Members Wanted' sign, Hayes denied he was recruiting for the KKK. His excuse for the noose being among the display was that he didn’t have a backyard tree big enough to hang it from.

Despite the flag, Hayes said he doesn’t condone hate crimes. However he pointed out that he has no intention of removing the flag and instead plans on raising it each morning and lowering it at dusk.