10 Everyday Tasks That Can Be Skipped

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Much of the time so desperately needed throughout the day could be gained by getting rid of time-wasting tasks.

People searching to pack extra time into each day tend to drop the axe on sleep, entertainment, and relaxation.

Truth is, many of those needed minutes could be gained by getting rid of time-wasting tasks.

Here are 10 of them.

Number 10. Rinsing dishes. As long as you don’t over-fill the machine, it’s really not necessary to clean off dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Not only will you save time, you’ll conserve up to 6 thousand gallons of water every year.

Number 9. Perusing social media. The average American spends almost 40 minutes a day on one site or another. Think about that the next time you have to drag yourself out of bed early to finish up something for work before heading in.

Number 8. Putting on deodorant. If you’re part of the 2 percent genetically inclined to stay fresh all day, that is. Studies show, however, that often times those who don’t need it cake it on anyway.

Number 7. Shampooing everyday. In the US, weekly washes average over 4 and a half, which is really way too many. Too much cleansing strips the hair of natural oils. Further, wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage.

Number 6. Commuting. On average, commuters spend just under 40 hours a year sitting in their cars getting to and from work. Even if it wouldn’t save much time, biking, walking or taking public transit would at least provide exercise or time to read a book.

Number 5. Fussing with bed linens. Having a bed stacked with tons of down pillows, a silk duvet, and high thread-count sheets may sound luxurious and comfy, but it’s really high maintenance. Trips to the dry cleaner, ironing, and endlessly removing, replacing, and fluffing pillows don’t seem like time-wasters, but it all adds up.

Number 4. Running Errands. Finding a helping hand is easier than ever. For example, TaskRabbit is a site that allows you either peruse a list of available people or post a job and invite bids from pre-screened candidates.

Number 3. Going to the bank. Especially if you just need to deposit checks. Increasingly, banks are making apps available that let you just snap a photo of the front and back, hit deposit, and be done with it.

Number 2. Spending too much time in a hot bath. Really, bathing in water that’s too warm isn’t good for you, anyway. Once the 15-minute mark is reached, dehydration and spikes in blood pressure can start to set in.

Number 1. Stretching. Recent studies have shown that stretching before exercise can, in some cases, do more harm than good by compromising strength and speed.