LORE – Hotline Miami Lore in a Minute!

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by lore

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RicePirate phones in the lore of Hotline Miami! http://bit.ly/MoarLore

Written by Clara

Voiced by RicePirate:

Animated by Jeremey Chinshue:


You enter a dark, bug infested room where you are met by three masked strangers. You don’t remember who you are or the horrific things you’ve done, but the woman in the horse mask thinks your psyche may be better off not knowing.

Dressed like a russian mobster, the owl hates your presence and doesn’t know you. However, the man in the rooster mask, who wears the same letterman jacket you do, knows who you are and sparks your memory to your first encounter.

It’s April 1989 in Miami, Florida. You’re receiving cryptic messages on your answering machine for things like baked goods, babysitting gigs, and dating services, which all send you into a bloodthirsty rage.

But like a superhero, you must conceal your identity the best way you know how: anthropomorphism. Each animal mask gives you a special ability and has it’s own name so you don’t need to feel guilt or responsibility for your actions while wearing it. The blood is on your hands but the blame belongs to Carl, Aubrey, or Tony the Tiger.

Now you massacre without rhyme or reason while trying to uncover the mystery behind the phone messages, the masked figures, and the undeniable passion you have for slaughter.


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