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    2013 Stop Over In Seoul - (Our Soft Incheon Landing)

    Tony Guida

    by Tony Guida

    In February 2013 ad guidaproductions (old tony himself, our Travel Diva Hessie, plus flat Ada) visited the megacity of Seoul South Korea. In less than 48 hours we saw and learned a great deal. First we boarded a "hop on-hop off" bus and did some site-seeing. We walked though some of the downtown areas and the Gangnam District. We rode the modern subway. We visited three of the main market and shopping areas. We tried Korean food at restaurants frequented by locals. We saw Korean teens having fun. We were not only impressed, what we saw was made more poignant because we remembered the Korea War from when we were quite young and, also, are well aware of the continuing truculence of the North Korean Communist regime. We hope you will join us on our orientation tour.

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