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    Rocky - Chase The Cool (Official Video)

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    Chase The Cool\r
    Written and Directed by Antoine Asseraf & René Habermacher
    Produced by The Stimuleye and Green United Music
    Post-production by One More
    Director of Photography: Léo Histin
    Styling: Niklas Bildstein Zaar
    Flame Artist: Hugo Aymerich
    Assistant director: Marie Le Grevellec
    Casting Director: Audrey Gatimel
    Make-up: Akiko Sakamoto
    Hair: Jean-Luc Amarin
    Wardrobe Assistant: Sara Van Pee
    Camera operator: Pierluigi De Palo
    Gaffer: Cyrille Girard
    Second assistant: Andrea Martin and Frank Bertrand
    Assistant déco: Pierre Comby
    Post-production manager: Sébastien Martin
    Producer: Pierre Le Ny
    Executive producer: Clementine Couderc
    With the kind support of Villa Noailles

    You have to admit that it's a little cheeky to enter the arena with a group called Rocky. What is certain though, is that this young group from Lille are raring to get out there, and not only in France - just as their fellow label mates Woodkid and The Shoes, who are well accustomed to major battles abroad and already sporting international crowns. Rocky is the story of three friends from the North ( Olivier Bruggeman, Tom Devos and Laurent Paingault ) they are passionate about the baggy sound and synthetic vista from another North, that of Manchester, the programmed rythems of New Order , the very loose feel of The Happy Mondays and the dance horizons of 808 State . One could also cite the example of Chicago house , acid-house, or the voyages of more recent formations, representing sounds from both sides of the Atlantic ( Francky Knuckles are you there ? ) - LCD Soundsystem in the U.S. , Hot Chip among British.

    The three friends lacked a centerpiece to take things a little further, luckily a miracle happened in the person and especially in the voice of Ines Kokou . With the dignified voice of Dionne Warwick rocketing through another galaxy or the spirituality of Denise Johnson, who (by the way) transcended The Mondays and offered her greatest achievements to Primal Scream's Screamadelica album (Rocky is a fan of course) - the young lady brings some well needed soul to the group from Lille group, which can now count on an epic future.

    Together, Rocky perform miracles , and it's clear from their first self-titled EP ( which just happens to be called Rocky - that we already can't wait for Rocky 2). Co -produced by Guillaume Brière 'The Shoes' who came to bring his knowledge of the groove and the finesse of production , Rocky is one of this year's gifts. These four ultra- successful tracks , which enter your head like a flying tomahawk are the proof. The first, 'Chase The Cool' with it's double edged chorus both soulful and glassy cool , sprinkled with reggae 2.0 sounds and above all, magnified by Ines' voice. Also unescapable is the haunting, pop, disco chorus of 'Band Against The Wall' , the magical incantations of ' Watch Me Forever' and almost acid-house ending delivered on 'Just Away' (S- Express is not so far away ) . It's cool, it's sexy , it's the sound of one of the most endearing groups of the end of the year 2013 , we're already anticipating next year's first album, and if all goes to plan, Rocky 's career is just beginning .

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