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    Botchamania 230


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    by Maffew

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    Botchamania 230
    Happier than a dog with two dicks, it's Botchamania 230: Link To The Pastamania!

    Thanks to...
    Enrique The Superfan for the Jay Lethal Intro
    Scoot Andrews for existing
    The Batiri for Kobald vs. Balloon
    Codster9 for Darkwing Duck

    Toad Town Theme by Yuka Tsujiyoko (Paper Mario)
    Needleman Stage by Yasuaki Fujita (Mega Man 3)
    Game Over by Koji Kondo (Super Mario Bros.)

    A welcome return for an old (re: bad) Botchamania favourite, Sing Along With Fans. That crowd man, that crowd.