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    Man Drowns While Trying to Retrieve Remote Controlled Boat

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    Sadly, one man’s seemingly innocent hobby led to his abrupt and tragic death.

    Sadly, one man’s seemingly innocent hobby led to his abrupt and tragic death. 51-year-old Nick Kastrappi recently drowned in the River Torrens in Australia. Kastrappi had reportedly been in the water while attempting to recover his remote controlled boat.

    Witnesses suspected something was wrong after he disappeared underneath the water’s surface.

    "Mr. Kastrappi arrived at the Torrens at about 2 pm and launched his remote controlled boat. Soon after, it capsized and Mr. Kastrappi swam between 10 to 20 meters
    out to retrieve it. But when he got back near the bank, something went wrong and he drowned." [ABC (Australia)]

    For over two hours, the cops searched the area but Kastrappi could not immediately be located. Finally his body was found in the river, but the outcome wasn’t what everyone had been hoping for.

    Law enforcement officials are looking into the possibility that Kastrappi got stuck in thick mud. Bystanders reported that Kastrappi did indeed make it out to the remote control boat but disappeared on his way back to the river bank.

    For 30 years, Kastrappi’s main hobby revolved around operating remove controlled vehicles. Many times in the past, Kastrappi swam out to retrieve his beloved boats, however he was reportedly unfamiliar with the dangers of the River Torrens.

    Said the victim’s brother, Chris Kastrappi ‘He was easy go lucky with a good sense of humor. He was often the life of the party. He was never married and didn’t have children. He just enjoyed the simple life with friends and family.’